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At SUPA VALU, we’re all about making sure our shoppers get the best deals and savings on their everyday shop. So, to support that VALU, we’ve launched an exclusive member rewards program that means every time you shop with us, you can get access to some great member exclusives whenever you scan your SupaClub card! IT’S SUPA EASY! Membership in our SupaClub is free! Plus, you can get automatic entry into our member-only competitions when you scan your card at the check-out! For those who are new to SUPA VALU just pick up a SUPA Club card in-store and register your new SUPA Club membership number by visiting supaclub.com.au/register and complete the registration form. Remember if you don’t register your SUPA Club card you won’t be able to redeem points and save! Then you’re done! Now just shop, scan and save at SUPA VALU!

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